05 February 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Feeling Confidently Beautiful At Gumbo Restaurant

dinner at Gumbo Restaurant

We are now a month away from home and it is also a month now that we do not cook our meal. Honestly, last week I told my husband that I already like going home. I began to miss our home, my daily routine with my son, and I miss cooking our meal.
Today, I have an enjoyable meals. My husband did not join us at the free buffet breakfast in the hotel because of his upset stomach. Me and my son eat the sumptuous meal that the hotel restaurant provided for the guests. The morning was bliss, I completed my week by attending our congregational meeting and I was able to meet new friends. After the meeting, we went back to the hotel.
My husband stayed with my son, I went to the mall and eat lunch alone. Lunch at Bacolod Inasal. I will write about it when we are back home. For today, what I want to share is our dinner at Gumbo Restaurant. My husband's friend who is also a Dutchman, is also my friend now. He and his family arrived from Puerto Galera and we joined together for a dinner.
The Gumbo's tagline is "The Taste Of New Orleans." The restaurant serves meat and seafoods. Their appetizer, the calamaris really taste good. I have white fish with mango salsa and I did like it. It was my third time in Gumbo. For the third time, I wear again one of their head costumes, and have fun having a picture wearing it. In all, I have a great Sunday and I hope all of you too.

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