04 February 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Today At University Of Santo Tomas.

Completing my Philippine holiday, seeing my Ninong (godfather) again at UST Hospital
As I am writing this, I feel an accomplishment in my heart. Because today, I have seen again a person who is truly dear to us, my Ninong Andre. Ninong in English word is "godfather". Ninong Andre stands as the godfather or principal sponsor in our wedding. Just sad because the last time that we were together, he was a lively person. At present, he is a bedridden. But his eyes are still full of life. Because our three year old son was with us, I just stayed at the McDonald's with him, while my husband went up in the ward to see him. After him, he stayed with our son in Starbucks, and I went up to the ward with Ninong Andre's wife.
As me and my son waiting for my husband to return, my mind roaming around. In person, I don't talk a lot, but I am very observant. As I observe, I started to write a few phrases at the McDonald's receipt. Now, I am sharing it through my blog.
Just a small comparison: in the Netherlands, when we eat at McDonald's, we gather up our mess, throw them in the garbage, and put the tray back in the rack. Most people in the Netherlands doing that, those who are not, are regarded as a lack of self-discipline. In the Philippines, it is still the work of the fast food crews to gather up and clean the mess.
UST or University of Santo Tomas is one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. As I sit there looking around, I have seen different faces of college students. Under the tree, there were groups of students eating of I think a home cooked lunch. In the nearby table, I saw students eating McDonald's meal with matching Starbuck's drink. The students are having an expensive gadget, from phone to tablet, to laptop. Philippines, although continue to its progress is still considered as one of the Third World Countries. When you are in UST, seeing the students there, you might forget that fact. But if you will visit the small, dirty streets in Manila, you will see those unfortunate people who are like selling their souls just to live.

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