03 February 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Grilled Squid Concluded My Puerto Galera Days

Grilled pusit, my choice for our last dinner in Puerto Galera.
Where we stayed.
How time flies, it is only four days left and we are flying back home, back to my Dutch home. Today is our last day in Puerto Galera. Tomorrow morning, we will travel back in Manila and we will wait the day of our flight there.
I enjoyed so much the last day of our stay in White Beach. I have some fond memories and special things that I love to keep or to add in my jar of happy memories. The resort where we are staying is highly recommended, I will write a special blog in behalf of them once we are back home. Also here in White Beach, I have tasted the most delicious pancakes in my life! I will also write a blog about this pancake, with a mouth-watering photos. I spent my morning in the beach with my son. My husband just enjoying his coffee while he was watching us. In the afternoon, we enjoyed swimming at the pool just in our doorstep. I love the sunburn at my back, I am proud of the mark. To conclude our stay in White Beach, I have grilled pusit (squid) for my dinner. We have a nice dinner at the beach with a family, our family friend that also came from the Netherlands.
I have some photos today that I love to share again. Before I end up this blog, I want to share an important family tip. In family life, a holiday or a vacation is I have learned is also an important factor to strengthen the family bond. It does not matter whether it is a grand vacation or a budget vacation. What is important is that you, as a family spend a time to be with each other. 

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