21 September 2016

Five Valuable Lessons That I Learned From My Toddler

Life will never be the same once you become a parent.
I have read that when we have a toddler, their favorite word this year is "more"! Toddlers love to do things over and over again, but are also introducing themselves to a subtle change into each repetition. They are also a great imitator. They love to follow what they are constantly seeing and noticed from us. It is funny because my son imitate even how I used the toilet paper, and how we use the kitchen paper when me or his father sneeze. Even toddlers love to do things over and over again, they also love to do new activities. Don't deprive them the chance to lend their helping hand even on that very young age, it will mold them to become a responsible adult in the future.

The temperature in The Netherlands is now cooling down. This morning, I washed our laundry and hanged them again in the clothesline in the garden. The sunlight is a bit shy, but I still have the element to dry my laundry: wind and a dry day. My son was with me and helping me by passing me the clip, one by one.

And so I started to cut the grass in our garden. Again, my son loves to help. Our morning together was a really fun, even we're just cutting the grass. I cut the grass and he gathered them together and stacking them in his dump truck! Hahaha! I took my camera and got some photos of what he is doing, I am pleased.

after helping me, he is sleepy :)

As I spend each moment of my day to day life with my toddler, I learned some valuable lessons in life:
1. Fun is a matter of choice. When I see gray sky, my son sees it clear and bright, and fun continues. Fun is in the eye of the beholder.

2. There is always someone who loves to lend a helping hand, do not underestimate even these hands are small. My son helped me realized that even we are grown up, we also feel tired and it is okay to ask for help.

3. Outdoor is the best medicine. I have been sickly lately. I feel like I like to just stay inside. But my son loves outdoors. Every time he got restless indoors, I switch his attention to something by taking him outside. Letting him play in the garden, or at the playground. All of the sudden, I feel better after I have a good dose of the outdoor fun.

4. To enjoy my my present age because it is not permanent. Enjoy it with my family. How quickly time flies! It was like only yesterday when I gave birth to my son. Next year he is already in the basisschool, the formal schooling for all children in the Netherlands.

5. I am loved. There is nothing better or sweeter in life, than having a tight hug, a tiny arm wrapping around my neck and saying: mama.

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