14 September 2016

Water Fun, Children's Healthy Lifestyle

my son's water playground.
I see you in September when summer is gone. Hahaha! That is a beautiful song. This week, the Dutch people are savoring the very hot weather. It is like a last hurray to the Dutch summer. My son has no school today and I made his day at home very enjoyable. Weeks from now and the weather will gets colder until it is autumn season again.

I started the day talking with my husband before he flies from Katowice, Poland to the Netherlands this morning. I washed our laundry and hang them again in the sun. At 9 o clock this morning, my son started to play in his portable swimming pool. Me and my son are still in the garden while I am typing and composing my blog today... Water fun. The importance of water fun to our child's growth development.
preparing his swimming pool

we both love the outdoor.

fun at home is not that complicated :)

a child that loves being in the  water.

Active kids are not only more likely to be healthy, but also are more likely to develop into healthy adults, and the best kind of activity for kids is an activity they find fun, something they will want to do often. Playing in water provides an addictive way for kids to get outdoors and moving. Swimming pools, water parks, and beaches are perhaps the most common places kids learn to love the water by swimming, diving, and splashing to their heart's content, yet families need not travel away from home to enjoy water activities.- Ebay
with his cars, trucks, train, bus, and boat :)

water becomes his favorite enjoyment.

This is very much true. Since the day that our son was born, the nurses in the hospital, put him in the sink, with their help, he let him float in the water. When we took him home, almost every day he has a bath, regardless of the weather. Yes, our son, had a regular bath since then. My mother in law gave us a good baby bath tub. My son comes to love the water, and is a very active boy. He is not afraid of the water, in the shower, even the waves on the beach.

There is also proven health benefits that come from getting outside in the sun. While it was never believed that sitting indoors all day and every day was particularly healthy, little was known about the health advantages of getting outside regularly. The primary health boost of being outdoors comes from sun exposure. My day to day life with my son includes a lot of time outdoors. When I brought him to the Consultatie Bureau, the doctor noticed my son's color. Her comment is: mooie kleur, in English: beautiful color. She said, it is good that my son loves outdoors.
enjoying the summer :)

sun, water, outdoor: a healthy lifestyle.

Let your child play in the water, give him some safe toys while he is playing there. Expose your child in the sun, it is a kind of healthy lifestyle. In the process, the child with gets healthier, and it will become a habit that our child will enjoy for a lifetime.


  1. I too believe being outdoors , exploring nature is good for kids, helps them learn .kids love the water no matter how small or big, a bucket full of water or the big ocean so much fun for them.

    1. Hello Anne! So happy to read your comment. Yes, most children loves being in the water, maybe it remind them when whey are still in our womb! HahahahašŸ˜Š